Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm going to spend a bit of time playing catch-up.  One project that I'm working on is an album for Bennett with a photo each day, as well as a very short write-up of what happened that day-- either what we did, new accomplishments, etc.  So, over the next few weeks I hope to get that same info posted here to the blog.  I'll probably post it as a weekly post and I'll post them by the date of that week.  So you may need to do some scrolling to see all of the posts from the past 12 weeks.  Yikes, my boy is 12 weeks old already!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another update

We're all home again!  Bennett's appetite is back, and his blood is now testing normal, so we were allowed to bring him home.  I went to join Daddy and Bennett after work today, and we headed home around 9:30pm.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not the update you were all looking for...

Unfortunately we are back at Children's.  I guess you could say it all started Thursday night/ Friday morning.  Five of Bennett's diapers had blood in them.  Not really a lot of blood, but enough to be a concern.  I called the pediatrician and he was able to see us right before lunchtime.  They took a urine sample, which was interesting, and sent us off to have blood drawn for further labwork.   Rather than putting Bennett through a catheter, they attached a little collection bag to him, and then we waited.  I think it took at least half an hour for him to give a sample.  :)  We went to a more local branch of Children's for the blood work.  Since it's right down the road from where Chris works, he was able to join us.  It took over an hour and a half (and three techs) to find a vein and get a blood sample.

I think Friday night there were one or two diapers that had some blood, but that was it.  Overall, we weren't very concerned.  However, he was also being a lot fussier than usual, especially at night.  And both Saturday and Sunday nights there were points where Bennett woke up screaming and he felt very warm.  We took his temperature and it was relatively normal, so we removed a layer of clothing and he would calm down.

Then Monday I went back to work.  Chris was going to stay home for the next two weeks, then we would go to Georgia for a week, and then in January Bennett would start daycare.  Bennett's morning started off well.  Chris changed a couple of poopy diapers (normally he only goes once eveyr couple of days), they had some good non-fussy tummy time, and Bennett was napping in his molding cup.  (More on this another time, but it's something he's supposed to sleep in to fix a flat spot on his head.  He hates it.)  Everything was looking great.  And then Chris thought Bennett felt warm.  102 degree temperature and a call to the pediatrician.  They were out on lunch.

When they called back, his temperature had gone down, but they still thought it best for him to go in.  So Chris brought him to the pediatrician.  As an aside, we love this doctor.  When he went in they took his temperature again and it was still normal.  He looked  up the results of the blood test and they were normal.  For some reason the urine sample had never been tested, but they quickly did that and it showed that Bennett has a urinary tract infection.  Given Bennett's history, the pediatrician felt it best for him to go to the ER at Children's.

Chris called me as he drove home to get a couple of bottles as well as clothes and toiletries for an overnight stay.  I finished up my first day back work and met them at the ER.  They got there around 6pm.  Bennett had lots of tests.  A chest x-ray, EKG, a lumbar puncture, catheter, and an IV (which included being stuck 3 times).  Lots of screaming!  Also, when he first got there he didn't have a temperature, but later in the evening he was up to 104.6.  A dose of Tylenol brought the fever down and after the preliminary lab results came back, they started him on antibiotics.

A little after midnight we were finally admitted to the hospital.  We were expecting that we would get a less desirable space on the hallway side of a room, but we lucked out with a window side!  I must say, this hospital experience has been much better so far than last time.  I think that's mostly due to the fact that we know what to expect.  It was also nice being able to tell the nurses what his routine is in terms of feeding and meds rather than them telling us.

Today they have a little bit more info re his UTI- he has e-coli in his urine and there is also some urine reflux.  He had a renal ultrasound this morning and the cultures grew from yesterday's samples, so now they just want us to wait things out a bit.  Plebotomy was in earlier, stuck him twice, and was unable to get a sample, so they are trying to get one of the NICU nurses to come and get a sample.

Last night Chris and I both spent the night but I think tonight I'll go home and go back to work tomorrow.  The next few days will definitely be interesting!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Week Eleven: Dec 2nd - Dec 8th

Dec 2nd
After having brought you into our bed the past few nights due to your fussiness, Mumma and Daddy decided to try out the co-sleeper we had been given.  Last night was a success!  Today you went with Mumma to visit Nana.  Her friend Laura came over and we all went out to lunch.  Aunty Hanna also was able to hold you after school.

Dec 3rd
You had an appointment at Children’s today, so we stopped at Brandeis on the way in so that everyone could see you again.  Children’s, as always, took quite some time.  You met very briefly with a new doctor who assessed a flat spot on your head from laying too much on one side.  (We try to move you and you just roll back.)  You were then fit for a molding cup- a special device that is designed to relieve pressure on your head so that it can grow more evenly.  After that was done (about three hours after we arrived) we headed home in rush hour traffic.  Mumma took you to Granpa and Nana’s for a few hours so that Mumma and Daddy could do some basement organizing- including building some shelves.
Dec 4th
Mumma and Daddy’s friend Kristin is painting Big Ben on your bedroom wall.  She started while you were in the hospital and came over today to finish.  We also had a new fridge delivered for the basement.  Mumma transferred 489 ounces of frozen breast milk into the freezer.  That’s a lot of milk!  We then went out for dinner and a visit with Santa.
Dec 5th
Daddy spent the morning at Brandeis (being in the building while an outside group does The Nutcracker) so you hung out at home with Mumma.  When Daddy came home we all went out to BJ’s and Stop & Shop.  Then it was a quiet evening at home.  You’re not a huge fan of the molding cup that you got on Friday, but you’re doing better than expected.
Dec 6th
Today was the start of your last week at home with Mumma before she goes back to work.  We went to the Burlington Mall to get some reindeer plates that Mumma has wanted for a few years, and we also picked up some Christmas gifts for you and Daddy.  In the evening, on a whim, Mumma tried to breastfeed you.  Major success!
Dec 7th
This morning you went with Mumma and Nana to MIT to a sale that the glass lab was having.  (Mumma and Daddy have gone to many of their pumpkin sales in the past.)  We also stopped at Diaper Lab to get you some more cloth diapers for overnight use.  Mumma tried breastfeeding again.  1st try- nope.  2nd try- success.  3rd try- success but then you spit it all up on Mumma.
Dec 8th
I think we had our quickest visit to Children’s!  We were in and out in less than two hours, and that included Mumma taking time to pump.  Dr. B continues to think that you’re looking great.  He also gave you an Rx for some reflux issues you’re having.  Hopefully this will mean less spitting up and fighting while eating.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Week Ten: Nov 25th - Dec 1st

Nov 25th
Happy Thanksgiving!  We left at 6:30am to go to Aunt Cathrine and Uncle Bob’s house in NJ.  We stopped to feed you on the war, and we arrived at 10:30.  Everyone was very excited to get to meet you.  Michael and Eric were surprisingly enamored with you.  We weren’t sure how you would do overnight, but you slept well in your Pack n Play.

Nov 26th
The drive home from NJ took a bit longer because the GPS sent us back a weird way and we also made a few stops.  We got back early enough to have a leisurely evening at home.  I had ordered the next size of prefold cloth diapers for you (your 3rd size) and they arrived in the mail.  You’re not ready for them yet, but you will be soon.
Nov 27th
Daddy had to work at the store today so you and Mumma had the house to ourselves.  We were at home in the morning but then did some shopping in the afternoon.  Surprisingly places weren’t as busy as expected for the weekend after Thanksgiving.
Nov 28th
This morning Daddy raked our leaves.  We only have two small trees, but leaves from the neighbor’s trees fall in our yard.  He raked about 34 bags of leaves!  In the evening we dressed you up again in your fancy clothes (you also wore this for Thanksgiving) and we went to dinner at Daddy’s co-worker’s Leslie Chiu’s house for authentic Chinese food.
Nov 29th
Monday was a day at home with nothing to do.  During one of your fussy periods we tried you in the swing again.  This was the third time that Mumma has tried it, and this time you seem to have liked it.  And a little on the TMI (too much information) side, but today you pooped for the first time since Friday morning.  We were starting to get worried.
Nov 30th
They say that the third time’s the charm.  That’s how many photo shoots you had (with 119 pictures) to get the perfect shot for your birth announcements.  Other than having your picture taken, it was a pretty quiet day with trips to the pharmacy and Wal-mart.
Dec 1st
Today was a busy day.  You visited Mimi with Mumma in the morning.  We came home for a bit and then Daddy surprised us by coming home early from work.  We set up the co-sleeper in our room- hopefully you’ll like it.  Then we went out and looked at options to have you go biking with us this spring/ summer.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Week Nine: Nov 18th - Nov 24th

Nov 18th
Happy Birthday Mumma!  The day started with a visit from Nurse Lora.  You’re doing so well that this was her last visit.  Then it was off to the Publick House in Sturbridge to pick up a cake.  While there we had lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon food shopping.  In the evening you helped Mumma blow out the candles on her cake.

This is the position we often find you in- turned sideways in your crib- arms up.

Nov 19th
You’re getting so big!  Yesterday you weighed 8lbs, 13oz for Nurse Lora, but today at the pediatrician you weighed 8lbs, 11oz.  You also got a vaccine for RSV.  In the afternoon we had a visit from Donna from Early Intervention.  But the most fun was at night when Mumma and Daddy’s friends came over for Game Night.

Nov 20th
Today was the first time since you came home from the hospital that both Mumma and Daddy left you for a while.  You spent some time with Granpa and Nana while Mumma and Daddy went to see the new Harry Potter movie.  I think you slept during most of your visit.  Then we went to Daddy’s store to pick up a puzzle he sold elsewhere and to see how his sales were doing.

Nov 21st
After an exciting (you slept the entire time) trip to Home Depot to buy a fridge- there’s so much frozen breast milk that we needed a larger fridge, plus an extra for the basement- Daddy went to work, but Uncle Andrew and Aunt Gentry came over for an evening of games with Mumma and doting on their favorite nephew.

Nov 22nd
Happy 2 month Birthday!  You spent a couple of hours this afternoon running errands with Mumma, but other than that, it was a quiet day at home.  In the evening you started to get really fussy wanting to be held.  Hopefully this night won’t be as bad as Saturday night, where you fussed all night long- or at least until about 5 or 6 am.
Nov 23rd
After a quiet morning at home, we headed out to a local yarn store so that Mumma could get yarn for a hat for you to wear in December and also yarn for something that Grandma is going to knit for you.  Next stop was the cloth diaper store in Somerville for a larger wet bag.  We headed home and you continued your trend of being cranky in the evening and needing to be held.

Nov 24th
You went to the pediatrician today for your 2 months check-up.  You now weigh 9lbs, 3.2oz (5th %) and are 21 inches long (1st %).  You got two shots plus an oral vaccine.  You must be getting big- you’re now wearing 0-3 month clothes.  On the way home we stopped to get knitting needles and a prescription filled.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Week Eight: Nov 11th - Nov 17th

Nov 11th
It was a busy day for Bennett and Mumma.  Nana came over and we all went for a walk on the bike path near the house since the weather was nice.  When we got back you had a visit from Donna from Early Intervention.  Then it was off to the opening of Daddy’s store.  Mumma’s friend Leslie stopped by and she remarked on how cute you are.
Nov 12th
You went for a walk again today with Mumma, although it was much chillier than yesterday.  In the spring we’ll have to take more advantage of the bike path.  When Daddy came home we went out and bought you some 3-6 month clothes since Mumma had a coupon.  We also picked up some books which Daddy read to you at bedtime- and it even put Mumma to sleep.  :)

Nov 13th
The weather was lovely today (low 60s) so the three of us went for a walk on the bike path.  In the evening, Daddy stayed at home with you while Mumma went out to do some Christmas shopping.
Nov 14th
You spent the morning with Daddy while Mumma slept in, but then you went with Mumma to visit Mimi while Daddy stayed home to work on making puzzles.  Mimi loves it when we visit her- she definitely loves her grandson.
Nov 15th
Although they don’t seem to happen that often, today was a day spent at home with nothing else to do.  Days like this can either be relaxing or stressful, depending on your temperament for the day.  This was a day where you had to be held.

Nov 16th
Mumma had to go to Unica so you came along for a visit.  Then Daddy came to get you while Mumma had her meeting.

Nov 17th
What?  You’re 8 weeks old already?  Today Mumma’s disability ran out at work, so now she’s using vacation and sick time to stay home with you.  If you hadn’t been born by c-section, it would have only been 6 weeks.  I can’t imagine going back to work already.  Today you went with Mumma while she had a doctor’s appointment and then we had a quick stop at Target.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Week Seven: Nov 4th - 10th

Nov 4th
Today was a lazy day at home.  Sometimes those are really nice.  In fact, we were still in our pajamas when Daddy came home from work.  After dinner Daddy had to go out again so that he could take his wooden puzzles to a store in the Chestnut Hill Mall.

Nov 5th
Remember, remember the 5th of November…
In honour of Guy Fawkes Day/ Bonfire Night Mumma made you this Union Jack onesie.  Unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to show it off anywhere, but we had a photo shoot at home.  Next year, a bonfire and fireworks?
Nov 6th
Yesterday Nurse Lora came and you weighed 7lbs, 5oz.  You also went with Mumma to Diaper Lab, the mall, and Babies r Us.  Today you went with Mumma and Daddy to Ikea for a bookcase for your room as well as the lumber yard for Daddy.  We came home for a bit and then out again to Target, Stop & Shop, Best Buy and Bob’s.
Nov 7th
What a busy day!  Daddy is selling his wooden puzzles in a store this year.  You went with Mumma to help him get set up.  Many of the other people there oohed and aahed over you.  When that was done you went with Mumma to Mimi’s to help her pay bills.  I guess you were tired, because that evening you tried to nurse on Daddy’s nose.  Silly boy.  :)
Nov 8th
Today was a day spent mostly at home, although you did go out for a little while to run a couple of errands.

Nov 9th
You started off the day with a visit to the pediatrician.  You weigh 7lbs, 12 oz which puts you on the growth curve in the 1.91%.  We then went off to drop some more puzzles off at the store.  Some of the people there must not be fans of babies because I heard someone mutter, “that stroller doesn’t belong in a store like this.”  If the stroller doesn’t fit, will a wheelchair?  On the way home we did some shopping for 0-3 month clothes.
Nov 10th
Happy 7 weeks!  You had a follow-up appointment today with Dr. B, your cardiologist.  Even just seeing you wrapped up in a blanket he was impressed with how you look.  “He looks great.  Keep doing what you’re doing.”  You now weigh 7lbs, 14oz.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Week Six: Oct 28th - Nov 3rd

Oct 28th
Because you were a preemie and also because of your cardiac issues you are eligible for Early Intervention services.  Today was their first visit.  Three women came.  Two of them assessed you while another sat with Mumma to fill out paperwork.  They will be coming every other week to help you meet your milestones.

Oct 29th
You went out to lunch today with Mumma and some of her co-workers from Unica.  Like every time you go out, you were the star attraction.  After lunch you went home for a nap and then spent the evening with Daddy while Mumma ran some errands.
Oct 30th and 31st
Happy Halloween!
On the 30th you went with Mumma to her hair appointment.  After her hairdresser got to meet you, Daddy took you on some errands.  Then it was off to Lydia and DJ Bryant’s Halloween/Birthday party. 

Grandma knit you a pumpkin in honour of your first Halloween.  In the evening we went to Uncle Andrew and Aunt Gentry’s to pass out candy.
Nov 1st
Wow, it’s November already.  Saturday had been one of your original due dates, yet here you are, five and a half weeks old.  Crazy!  Not much of anything happened today.  Just a quiet day at home with Mumma- no errands and no appointments.

Nov 2nd
This morning you went back to the pediatrician.  You’re up to 6lbs, 15oz- almost in the 1st percentile.  Mumma left one of your prescriptions on the counter overnight (it’s supposed to be refrigerated) so we went to Hopkinton Drug to have it refilled.  We also went to vote since it was election day.  In the evening Uncle Andrew and Aunt Gentry came over to see you.
Nov 3rd
You’re six weeks old already?  Time flies so quickly!  Mumma had a doctor’s appointment in the morning.  They said her cesarean scar is looking good.  Granpa and Nana came over in the evening so that Mumma and Daddy could get some work done in the basement.  This is the same reason Uncle Andrew and Aunt Gentry were over last night.