Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 21st - 27th

Once again I'm rather behind with my blog posting. This was last week, and I hope to get to the weeks that I missed.

Last week was Administrative Professionals week.  I came in to find some lovely flowers on my desk and later received a gift card.  That was especially appreciated!  Last summer we started using a new budgeting program and we quickly realized that we were spending way beyond our means.  As a result we had to significantly cut back on eating out.  So Friday night we were able to go out since we had some extra money!

On Monday we had three yards of mulch delivered.  Of course that was the last of the nice days so we haven't had a chance to deal with it since it was delivered.  I also need to put some edging in between the flower beds and the lawn, so that needs to get done before the mulch can be spread. 

Bennett had a blast though playing with the mulch pile and finding some clumps of dirt that had been mixed in and putting them into the garden beds.

Friday we stopped at Home Depot and Bennett had to check out the riding lawnmowers.  No idea if he knows that they really are- to him they are meant to be climbed on and sat on.

On Saturday we had soccer but when Bennett decided about half way through class that he would rather just lay down on the field, we decided it was time to go.

By leaving early this did give us a little more breathing room when we got home so that Bennett could play for a while before we headed out to Sturbridge for a family reunion.  We were a little concerned about how he would handle going to the town of Sturbridge without going to OSV and if he would get upset when we turned earlier than normal, but he surprised us by not really reacting at all.

The reunion was for members of the Bennett family.  (Yes, that's where he got his name.)  My great grandmother was one of 16 (or was it 17???) children and this reunion was for decedents of those 16- plus one who came from a cousin to the original 16.

There was a large family tree displayed and at one point Bennett looked over and noticed that his name was on it in multiple places.  Nice to know that he can recognize his name!

And here's a group shot of everyone in attendance.

On Sunday we had our weekly OSV trip.  This time Bennett brought Dolly along.  (Mom, no pictures!)

Apparently we've been going more frequently on Saturdays recently because one of the interpreters commented that we were there on a Sunday.  I suppose it is true that we've been more on Saturdays lately but that's mostly based on the schedule of events and other weekend plans.

In the farmhouse Bennett helped Victoria whisk eggs for a flour pudding.  He also filled the woodbox with very little prompting.  Maybe that will be a weekly task for him?

We also walked by all of the mills and Daddy explained how the water made the sawmill work.

Chip was working in the tinshop on this visit.  He mentioned that he had gotten the wood that he was using (as a backboard for punching tin for a lantern) from Phil and Bennett chimed in, "Daddy has wood at his work".  Yup, that he does.

Anyway, that wraps up the week.  Hopefully I'll get the other posts up soon!